Andrea Sands 

UI, Brand & Digital Design


The Young Adults Diabetes Clinic is a website that has been designed with the aim of providing young people living with diabetes with the support and information they need. It was created by specialist diabetes nurse and dietician in response to feedback from our young adult patients. They asked for quick and easily accessible information to help them manage their diabetes. It is packed with advice, tips and strategies to help young people understand their condition and learn how to look after themselves. 


My challenge was to create a website that would appeal to the younger generation and provide them with the resources they needed to make the move from childhood to adulthood. To achieve this, the young adults were involved in the design process from the beginning and gave their input on what they wanted.

One of the requests was for a website or platform that was easy to use and contained ‘short and snappy’ information. Knowing that bright colours often draw attention and also invoke a sense of empowerment, they chose a bright, vibrant colour palette that would be eye-catching and uplifting. The font was chosen to be easy to read and the images used were carefully selected to portray the clinic’s message of support and empowerment.

The end result was a website that appealed to the younger generation and contained everything they needed to make the transition to adulthood. It was modern, easy to use, and filled with resources that were both informative and encouraging. By involving young adults in the design process and creating something that was tailored to their needs, the clinic achieved its goal of having a new look and feel that was empowering and helpful.






Diabetes Clinic

Thank you so much for all the work you have done on our website, it looks fantastic!

– Charlotte Scarrott – (November 2019)