Andrea Sands 

UI, Brand & Digital Design




Video Work

I have created a wide variety of videos to showcase the Seabody Story, which can be used for a variety of purposes. These videos can be used on the website, at events, in exhibitions, in stores, and on social media. I use a mix of creative storytelling and stunning visuals to capture the essence of the Seabody Story and share it with the world. I use Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects to create the videos that are are hopefully designed to be engaging, informative, and entertaining.

World Ocean Day promotional video Instagram Reel
World Earth Day promotional Instgram video for Arnotts Store, Dublin
Seabody Video, for CH Store, Dublin
Seabody Video, for CH Store, Dublin

Seabody Video and products in store

Google Ads

Other Video Work

I have created many other videos for other brands, from promotional marketing videos to social media advertising.


I created this short promotional video for their website and social media! It’s a fun and engaging way to get the word out about the product and services. It’s got great visuals and catchy music to keep viewers interested. Plus, it’s the perfect length for a quick look at what SeaTheory have to offer. 


This explainer video was created to tell the story of SeaMeGro Fertiliser, a product that is biodesigned and produced in a sustainable natural environment. The product is made using all-natural, eco-friendly materials, and production is done with minimal impact on the environment.


The SeaMeGro Ploughing Championships was an event that celebrates the best farmers and ploughmen from around the world.  I created a video for the exhibition stand to explain how Seamegro can help the climate.


This Blue Pet Co. marketing video was used at Crufts to promote and help spread the word about the amazing benefits of Blue Pet Co supplements. Through this video, viewers will learn about the unique blend of ingredients and how they can help improve their dogs overall health.  


GoPhyco (now Blue Pet Co.) marketing video was used on the website and social media.